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It’s not hard to find this adorable:

Yes, it’s the CGI team from Industrial Light & Magic, watching reaction videos to the trailer for Rogue One, the forthcoming Star Wars movie.

In a month where we’ve seen so damn many examples of the negative impact of social media, it’s nice to see a more positive one. And while, yes, this is marketing, it’s also an example of communication. Fans of Star Wars who have gone into professional filming are reacting to the reactions of fans who makes YouTube videos. It’s sort of a meta-reaction video.

The circle is now complete

More than that, it’s a circle of communication between the creators and their audience that allows a degree of interplay. We’ve reached an interesting point in our culture where fans of the media of the 70s and 80s are now professionals in their own right, and able to bring both their fandom and their skills to bear on old franchises. The revival of Doctor Who under the acclaimed Russell T. Davies (a Who uber-fan) a decade ago is a classic example of that. At leat two of the lead actors – David Tennant and Peter Capaldi – are fans, too. The rebirth of the Star Wars franchise last year is another example.

However, there’s a really careful line to walk between being a fan and being a professional. You don’t just want to make something for the fans – you want to make it for everybody. But equally, you need to understand what it was about these narratives that made people fans in the first place. And it’s easy within your fannish professional bubble to make the wrong calls. At least here we’re seeing people take some form of sanity check on their own work.

Well, as long as they’re also watching the negative reactions…

[via The Mary Sue]

The social networks of Star Wars, visualised

Some of us are looking forward to Christmas, and some of us are looking forward to the new film in the Star Wars franchise, The Force Awakens. Meanwhile, I decided to look at the whole 6-movie cycle from a quantitative point of view and extract the Star Wars social networks, both within each film and across the whole Star Wars universe.

Movies, social network analysis and data visualisation, meet they do.

The genius that is Carrie Fisher

Probably the best thing about The Force Awakens right now, is that fact that it’s brought Carrie Fisher back into the public eye:

When asked about losing weight for the movie, Fisher threw the question back at Robach, calling the topic “a stupid conversation … but you’re so thin, let’s talk about it. How do you keep that going on?” Meanwhile, Fisher’s beloved bulldog Gary sat on a separate director’s chair with his giant pink tongue hanging out the side of his mouth. (Fisher: “The tongue wasn’t out of his mouth before he saw the movie, and now…”) At one point, Fisher pointed out that Gary fell asleep during the interview, causing Robach to say through tears of laughter, “This is a low moment for me and my interviewing skills.”

H/T: Thibault Lemaitre