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TEDxTuttle: Measuring Social Media

Mat Morrison of Porter Novelli is giving a fascinating talk about how you build metrics about social media. 

Our Audience has an audience

Matt Morrison

If you think how many brands and NGOs and political parties have tried to get you to share their information with their friends, you'll know what I'm talking about.
If you only think about social media as publishing, you're missing the point. Social media is a response to the ease of publishing - there's too much information. 
Social media is our filter.
We're using our social relationships to make instantaneous, unconscious, social decisions about what to read. It's not just the headline - it's who sent it to you. As marketers, we want to get through those filters. 
Influence = "how do I talk to as few people as I need to to reach as many as possible" <--- but may not be the case in social media.
One measure is popularity - the size of my social graph. In PR we start at the high numbers of friends end and work back to those with fewer. But that's an old media model of how to influence people.

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