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February 19, 2009

NUJ: "effing blogs"

One of the things I love about blogging, and digital journalism generally, is that you get a much clearer picture of who is reading your work, and how they get to your site.

For instance this was in my referrer logs in my analytics package:

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So, the "/exchange/" and the ".EML" extension indicates that the person came from an e-mail on an Exchange server account, and that the subject line was "effing blogs".

Lets do a quick reverse DNS lookup on shall we?

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Ah, yes. The NUJ's e-mail system. Well, thanks folks. Nice to know that my union people associated with my union (self correcting in the interests of fairness), which I have been a member of for the last 15 years think that the journalistic field in which I work - blogging - is "effing blogs".

I wonder who LindaK is, and if she enjoyed the post?

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