Medium: a post-advertising business?

Interesting summation of Medium’s current business philosphy from Ev Williams:

If remuneration is not part of the equation for why you publish, I can’t imagine a stand-alone web site serving you better than Medium in terms of cost, simplicity, and, most importantly, reaching an audience.

If remuneration is part of your equation, you’re also in the right place, as long as you’re not looking to build an advertising-funded site.

(Worth noting: this was in response to a post listing all the publications that have quit Medium.)

Slaying the myth of the digital native

Nature takes aim at the prevaling “wisdom” that the younger generation are more digitally adept:

But a paper published last month in Teaching and Teacher Education reaches the opposite conclusion. The digital native is a myth, it claims: a yeti with a smartphone.

The phrase “digital native” is a great bozo test: anyone using it these days is probably a bozo who hasn’t done their research.

[via Quartz]