Social Networks & Children’s Brains

Thumbnail image for Mail: Social Media Harms Your Children

Ah, nothing like a rational, calm, provable headline to boost the public’s trust in journalists. 
Spotted in Waitrose last night.
Noted: shallow, sensationalist reporting in a national newspaper, detailed analysis with reference to peer-reviewed papers on a blog. 
  • Don’t tell Chris—he might have a seizure.

  • Did I just catch you calling the Daily Mail a newspaper?!

  • Darn it – you see the sort of mistakes that slip through if someone doesn’t sub my posts first? 🙂

  • Biofuelsimon

    Do I notice “different” rather than “lower” standards on blogs.

  • Hmmm –

    “I was on newsnight a second ago, debating the rather indulgent claims of Baroness Professor Susan Greenfield and Dr Aric Sigman about Facebook and Twitter. It’s 40 minutes in to the show, which can be seen here as a wmv/rm file or here on iPlayer or here”

    Funny that – on mainstream media – television – before the blog. So, seeing as I was watching Newsnight and you weren’t, I saw it debunked first. Nyah.

  • Adam Tinworth


    You’re watching too much telly. It rots your brain… 🙂


    I’m not sure whether I prefer definition 2 or 5.

    And I’ve watched too much telly since I was a kid, my brain’s long since rotted (or, if I believe Doug Rushkoff, I’m a screenager).